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A graduate of the University of Natural Sciences in Poznań in the field of economics, and of the Postgraduate Study of Foreign Investment Promotion of Region and Enterprise, Postgraduate Study of Administering EU Funds at the School of Economics in Warsaw, and Postgraduate Study of Public Procurement at the Leon Koźminski Academy. Participant in the pilot government programme, realised by the Home and Administration Office in 2006, completed with the title of certified Advisor for  Ethics and Preventing Corruption in Public Administration. He participated in numerous training programmes and projects organised, among others, by the Office of Procurement, National School of Public Administration, Office of European Integration and the European Institute of Public Administration. He holds a security authorisation issued by the Internal Security Agency – ABW in the field of access to classified information.

In 2004, he started working in public administration as head of the Public Procurement Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (2006-2010). In 2010, he was officially transferred to the position of an expert in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, having been successively promoted to become  Deputy Director of the Administrative Office (2011) and  Director of the Administrative Office (2012), then Director of the Financial and Administrative Office (2015).  Expert at the Department of Coordination and Implementation of Purchases, Polish National Bank (2015-2016). Administrative Director of the  Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw since 2016.

He has had many years of experience in management and managing public funds, including more than ten years of practice in awarding public contracts holding various managerial positions. While working in the government administration, he participated in many inspections regarding the correctness of public funds management, including as the head of control teams examining the correctness of spending public funds by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (the largest paying agency in Europe). A member of many teams and expert committees developing procedures for the implementation of projects co-financed from European funds, awarding public procurement, anti-corruption procedures, taking up additional paid jobs by public administration officials, resolving conflicts of interest, issuing permits, authorisations and optimising the decision-making process by civil servants. Co-author of Anti-corruption Strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the first such comprehensive document for counteracting and combating corruption, the provisions of which were implemented in the office of the central administration. Co-author of training courses: Implementation of an anti-corruption strategy in the practice of public law entities. An expert as part of the work of a team appointed by the Police Commander in Chief to develop systemic solutions to prevent corruption in the Police.

Awarded Gold Cross of Merit; holder of the Golden Badge of Honour of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations FSNT–NOT, awarded in recognition of the merits in restoring the memento of Polish statehood to society, i.e. restored Cadillac 355D, brought to Poland for Marshal Józef Piłsudski in 1935.