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From 5 to 28 January 2024, the exhibition 'Manoeuvres' will be on display at the Academy's Salon Gallery.


The manoeuvres of the title, are not regarded as a state of disinformation and danger, but as a functioning space and a substitute for outdated solutions and learned patterns.

The modern world is not a friendly place. Solutions that have been established for years are no longer viable. The paths forged by previous generations and implanted in our heads through education no longer lead to a bright future. So, looking for side paths, one enters a wilderness or settles in the middle of nowhere, hoping that the apparent rest will give space for the invention of utopias and new worlds. This is not escapism, for there are no longer safe havens and refuges. The artistic individuals featured in the exhibition share a common experience of metaphorically being in motion, moving and exploring processes. The default state is one of transition. Attempts are made to discover meaning, whether in the processing of history or the speculative production of visions of the future.


Adrianna Konopka, Aleksandra Makuch, Ania Grzymała, Anna Ruktowska, Antek Lisowski, Kaja Wielowiejska, Karolina Majewska, Kinga Dobosz, Kuba Sobolewski, Maja Janczar, Natalia Borczi, Piotr Mlącki, Przyszła Niedoszła, Tomek Paszkowicz