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Marta Nadolle - painter, graduate of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw - has been awarded the POLITYKA Passport in the category of Visual Arts. Our sincere congratulations!

POLITYKA's Passports in the category of Visual Arts

Marta Nadolle is the winner of the Polityka’s Passports in the category of Visual Arts. The choice was justified by her painting „in which sociological inquisitiveness is combined with psychological perspicacity, and personal experiences are translated into universal truths. For a multidimensional portrait of the young generation of Poles” . While accepting the award, the artist mentioned that every art form is important – „Sculptors, stonemasons, you are awesome”. – she said from the stage.

Marta Nadolle

Born in 1989, she comes from Międzychód, a small town in the Wielkopolska region. Painter, visual artist, photographer, author of installations and films. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and Warsaw, where she earned a diploma with distinction in Jarosław Modzelewski’s studio in 2014.

The artist’s paintings are about life in Warsaw. They are a record of the activities that make up everyday life: a walk with the dog, a meeting with friends, a date, shopping, exercise at the gym, sex or a meal. Most of it is a story and a record of the author’s personal experiences. There is also no shortage of universal experiences of an entire generation of aspiring young people.

Nadolle also creates sculptures, embroideries, mosaics and patchwork fabrics, and has been involved in educational activities since her university days. She currently lives and creates in Warsaw. She has participated in many solo exhibitions (e.g. 'And I like you anyway’ at Galeria Promocyjna, 2015) and group exhibitions (e.g. 'Paint means blood’ at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2019).