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Esteemed designer of public spaces, associated with the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw - Dr Paweł Grobelny - received the 'Property Design Award 2024' in the 'public space' category for his project to develop the waterfront of Słupeckie Lake in Wielkopolska. The results of the competition were announced during the '4 Design Days' at the International Congress Centre in Katowice.

This year, the jury of the 'Property Design Award 2024′, consisting of eminent experts from the architecture and design industry, chose Pawel Grobelny’s project as a symbol of an innovative approach to shaping urban space.

Development of the waterfront of Lake Słupeckie in Wielkopolska

Grobelny's latest project is a revolutionary development of the waterfront of Lake Słupeckie in Wielkopolska. Appreciated by the jury, a series of circle-shaped piers, a pier with a viewing platform and minimalist platforms on Słupeckie Lake blend harmoniously with the natural landscape of the lake; they create a space that is friendly to residents and tourists.

In harmony with nature

Paweł Grobelny’s project is an example of the perfect combination of the art of design and respect for the natural environment. The designer focused on smaller objects that not only compliment the landscape, but also encourage active use of the space. The piers and viewing platforms are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional – allowing visitors to fully experience the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Paweł Grobelny
Paweł Grobelny, author materials.

He is a recognisable designer whose work adorns many prominent locations. He specialises in the design of public spaces and spaces surrounding office, hotel and residential buildings. His realisations include the Albertine garden in front of the Royal Library in Brussels, the garden of the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest and the largest city park in Shanghai.

Paweł Grobelny is also the author of a series of urban furniture for the Paris business district La Defense and the European Parliament district in Strasbourg. He won the grand prix in last year’s DNA Paris Design Awards for the development of the Ayuntamiento square in the Spanish city of Logroño, capital of the La Rioja region. Grobelny’s designs are characterised by minimalism of form, functionality and the use of natural materials.

„Property Design Award 2024”

Considered one of the most important design and architecture awards in Poland, the Property Design Award 2024 annually recognises the most innovative and influential projects in the design of public and commercial spaces. In 2024, the competition attracted a record number of entries.

Projects awarded in the 2024 Property Design Awards