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„Non-universal roster of artists” part V: „Beta tales”. Sebulec / Andrei Isakov / Jakub Wróblewski. Exhibition

From 8 to 25 February 2024, the Academy's Salon Gallery will present the fifth instalment of the 'Beta tales' exhibition from the 'Uncommon roster of artists' series. Sebulec / Andrei Isakov / Jakub Wróblewski. The exhibition is curated by Kat Zavada.

Sensitive data. A sensitive gesture of creation

„Data is a sensitive issue. Since it is impossible to separate the digital from the non-digital, data has become part of ourselves and databases have taken the form of digital collective memory. People’s smiles and sorrows, stories of successes and failures are stored as data on the disks of this world. Sensitive or not, used depending on their intentions, they can destroy or build. With the help of machine learning, Sebulec, Isakov and Wroblewski make the sensitive gesture of creating new narratives from what we already know, transforming our collective memory into a collective imagination,” says exhibition curator Kat Zavada.

„Beta tales”

„Beta tales” are three tales of open formula, captured in process, morphing, waiting for their first test. They cannot be touched, but in my fantasies they are perversely slippery, making a synthetic sound under the pressure of my hand. Am I the only one who dreams of touching them, or do they also crave my touch? – wonders the curator of the exhibition, Kat Zavada.

Jakub Wróblewski

„Wroblewski weaves a visual narrative of tactility through an 18-piece sculptural group created from air bags, elastane, lycra, vacuum and concrete. Although their abstract aesthetic mocks my neurotic search for purposefulness, I speculate about their purpose – ergonomic armour, or perhaps colonnades encased in a cloud of plastic? The objects were created through visual prototyping using language models such as Python, TensorFlow and PyTorch, and are accompanied by projections with objects designed through deep learning,” explains the exhibition curator.


„Through plaster reliefs depicting fairytale creatures with lush mane or athletic torsos covered in scales, Sebulec creates an imaginative world that I want to inhabit. Expanding on the universe he has been building for years, this time he invokes characters created from a combination of ancient deities, algorithmic castling and his signature fandom aesthetic.

He queers the stony seriousness of the mythological figures with a masculinity as delicate and soft as the fur of the anthropomorphic furry creatures. The starting point for the physical objects are graphics generated using Stable Diffusion. The title 'Six Fingers, Three Tails’ refers to errors and glitches in the generation process. The final story is one of destiny, technocratic spiritualism, or perhaps innocent playfulness?” – says curator, Kat Zavada.

Andrei Isakov

„The Oracle gaming experience created by Isakov is a contemporary oracle in DOS aesthetics. The desire to know the future has always been with us regardless of what form of divination we entrust our fate to – the Delphic oracle, tarot cards or the Co-star app. The Oracle, under the influence of hallucinations, answers our questions about fate or fortune and conducts an internal dialogue. The experience is based on the Large Language Model,” explains Zavada.

Photos from the opening of the exhibition "Beta tales"